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Сандали для куклы

These shoes were made to fit a Narae43 MSD size ball jointed doll. Narae's feet measure 5.5 cm long by 2.3 cm wide. I had just completed a dress for 'Clara' from the Nutcracker, and didn't want to make traditional ballet slippers, so opted for soft shoes instead. The shoes have a buckle, but I sew on a snap fastener underneath the buckle in order to make it easier to take the shoe on and off.   

Print patterns to scale shown. Cut out patterns. Trace shoe upper onto the back side of leather. Cut out the leather making sure to add about 3/8" extra around outer edge.

Clip around outer edge of shoe with sharp scissors as shown.

Cut out two sets of soles - one set out of leather, and another set out of white cardboard.

With stockings on foot, wrap foot with plastic wrap and secure with tape.

 The white cardboard sole will be the inner sole. Roll a small piece of tape...

... and stick soles onto bottoms of feet.

With right sides together, hand-sew the back of the shoe.

Trace and cut out two shoe straps. Insert strap into the buckle, then hand-stitch a snap fastener underneath (optional).

Apply a thin layer of glue to the underside of the strap and position as indicated on the pattern.
Stitch into place.

Slip the shoe over the foot - making sure the strap is on the correct side. Apply glue to all the tabs around the outside edge of the leather upper.

Carefully glue the leather upper onto the cardboard sole.

Apply glue over entire shoe sole and glue on leather sole. Carefully wipe away excess glue. Let shoes dry thoroughly before removing from foot.

Sew the second half of the snap fastener onto the outside of the shoe. 

Источник - http://www.antiquelilac.com/blue-msd-shoes-tutorial.html

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